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eSignlite Vs Other eSignature Solutions

We understand that there are a number of eSignature solutions available online allowing companies to get their documents signed electronically, but which is the best solution for you and your company and how does eSignlite compare to other systems currently on the market?

User Friendly

eSignlite was developed from the ground up - what this means in layman's terms is that rather than using a selection of pre-written scripts and off the shelf user management systems and website templates, eSignlite was coded from scratch making everything quicker and simpler to use.

With eSignlite there are no complex instructions to get your head around like you get when a number of different systems have been joined together, everything in the eSignlite dashboard is straightforward and easy to use even for the most none technical person.

Many other eSignature solutions are a selection of different scripts, software, templates and tools making user management over complex. Not only that, but the end user - the person who you want to sign your document - is also faced with a set of complex instructions and tools such as pop up signature boxes that need to be signed requiring the userto drag their signature to the document. Not with our system, with eSignlite you can even pre-fill the signee name and email meaning that all they'll need to do is sign and submit which gives eSignlite a 97% document signed/returned rate compare to a 50% signed/returned rate reported on other, more complex systems

Simple to Use

eSignlite was developed with one thing in mind, simplicity. There are hundreds of thousands of companies that require that their clients sign for services, a large majority of these companies don't require complex documents with obscure layouts and signing locations, all a majority of companies require is that a document is signed and dated at the bottom, this is the legal requirement/location on most documents after all, these are the types of companies that eSignlite is aimed at.

Many eSignature web site require their users to upload portable document files (PDF's) for use with their system which requires document to be recreated, saved again as a PDF's and re-uploaded to the system every time a slight amendment is needed, again this is another step that eSignlite has done away with to make user lifes simplier.

Our backend user system is text based, meaning that you upload or create a formatted text document to send out to your clients - If your document is already PDF, fine PDF's can simply be highlighted, copied and pasted into our system - With this text based system your saved documents can be easily tweaked each time you send them out, a feature that is invaluable to landlords etc where names, addresses, minor details etc require amending for each client.

Our system then converts the document into a portable document file (PDF) at the time of signing which is then saved into your dashboard and emailed to you and your client.

Affordable/Transparent Pricing

eSignlite was developed with the small to medium sized business in mind and as well as a simple solution we also wanted it to be an affordable solution.

Our website adopts both a monthly and annual pricing structure with no hidden extras or fees, many eSignature websites only adopt either a monthly pricing structure or an annual pricing structure. Our optional annual membership can save the member money compared to our monthly subscription.

All payments processed through eSignlite are guaranteed 100% secure and we also offer a Paypal option for people who prefer and trust this payment system, however due to Paypal's high fees we do only offer it as an option on annual memberships.

Genuine Free Trial

eSignlite offers a genuine no quibble, no commitment, FREE trial so you can sample our system and see if it's right for your company because due to the way we have simplified the process it's not suitable for everyone especially companies who do require complex forms and obscure signature positions.

We offer a FREE 28 day trial not 28 days FREE where a company would simple start charging you after your trial ends, because ours is a FREE trial we do not require a Credit/Debit Card, you simply sign up and can test our system for 28 days and even get a couple of documents signed and processed.

After the 28 days there is no commitment and you will still be able to log into your account - although a majority of the functions will no longer work - It's up to you whether you then pay for our services, which can all be done from your dashboard.

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