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About eSignlite

eSignlite came about when one of our web design clients requested that we send him his web design agreement for electronic signing and after looking at a number of websites already out there claiming to offer quick and easy document signing we quickly realised that there was a gap in the market for a simple, lightweight solution that would give small to medium sized businesses the ability to prepare, send and store signed agreements and documents and after a few months of development and beta testing where we worked closely with a number of different types of businesses who where looking for a solution, eSignlite was born.

eSignlite was developed from the ground up - what this means in layman's terms is that rather than using a selection of pre-written scripts and off the shelf user management systems and website templates that many of the other websites use, eSignlite was coded from scratch making everything quicker more streamlined and simpler to use.

Who Was eSignlite Developed For?

eSignlite was developed as a 'simple' solution for small to medium sized businesses looking for basic document processing and signing. When you simply require a document or agreement signing at the bottom by your client most of the systems on the market are over complex leaving many companies frustrated and stuck with system that is more trouble than it's worth.

With eSignlite documents can be uploaded, sent for signing and returned signed and dated within minutes. Sending documents requires no skill and can be done in just a couple of mouse clicks.

So by working closely with our beta testers who included lettings agents, financial advisors and investment companies we tailored a system that was straightforward, simply to follow and worked well for a range of different businesses taking everything that was wrong with current online esignature systems and improving on it until finally we came up with - according to our clients - the simplest and easiest to use esignature website around.

What Makes Our System Different

As professional web developers our team was able to build the system from the ground up rather than relying on plugins and third party scripts - one of the reasons the current online signature systems are difficult to use and many illegal to use, we even came across a company using Wordpress - and because we worked with beta testers from the kinds of niches that would benefit from our system we where able to build in all the required and useful features making our system suitable for literally any business requiring signed documents.

Our eSignature system not only messages your customers via email instructing them to sign documents but you can forgo this step and simply create links that can be placed on websites and in your own company emails which is ideal for the investment industry where new regulations require vistors to self certify before accessing your website. Then with our custom response option you can give anyone who signs your document links to members areas, logins and even links to other documents.

Unlike some systems which require that users convert their documents to Portable Document Files (PDF's) before uploading our system uses a simple text editor for creating and uploading documents with PDF conversion done 'on the fly' when your client signs and submits the document. This make our system simply enough to be used by the most novice of clients.

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Unique Features

Our system doesn't require the conversion and the uploading of PDF's. Your document is simply pasted or typed into our system where it is stored for your later use. Documents can be edited an unlimited amount of times.

To send your client a document you simply select it from your store documents - you can even make amendments at this stage - and enter the recipients name and email. Everything is sent from our system and once the recipient - your client- follows the link they will be able to sign and add their signature to the document, live. The PDF conversion is done as soon as the client signs and submits the document... This is actually a legal requirement which many website simply do not adhere too instead choosing to store signatures separately and using popup boxes linked to thrid party URL's.

Multiple Signatures

During our Beta testing we realised that some documents require more than one signature, a landlord signature for example on a tenancy agreement or husband and wife signatures on wills or power of attorney documents etc.

This is no problem for the eSignlite system, Landlords can store their own signature in their dashboard and add it to outgoing documents and once submitted eSignlite documents can have multiple names and signatures added to them before submission.

Is eSignlite Right For Your Business?

eSignlite is not suitable for everyone, some companies require a very complex signing process, for this we can offer a fully bespoke service integrated into your own website, but if you simply need your clients to sign straightforward agreements and documents then eSignlite is perfect and our pricing is very affordable... To check whether our system is suitable for your business try our test document by clicking on the button below

We offer a FREE 28 day trial and requires no Credit/Debit card to be enter, click here to find out more about our FREE trial

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