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Does your eSignature needs to match your written signature?

A common question raised by people and companies using our services for the first  is whether their eSignature needs to exactly match their written signature?


Let debunk this common myth


This all began when couriers and the royal mail started to use PDA's to get client signatures, at first a few dishonest people claimed that they did not in fact sign for their goods because the signature looks nothing like theirs, of course these claims never got very far. Lets think about this? When paper signatures were required what stopped people signing a fake signature or even a fake name and then claiming that it wasn't them?

What these people don't realise that a signature is simple a confirmation and regardless of what you practiced over and over again in high school, what it looks like, even if it is different each time - lets face it, no one can do exactly the same signature ever time - has no bearing at all, especially on the legal side of things.

So the answer is No, an eSignture does not need to look anything like your written signature, most have some resemblance but even this is irrelevant.

The concept of an eSignature is that the document was sent to your computer, tablet or phone using your email address and the IP of that device logged, then there was someone physically there to move the mouse - or their finger - in the signature box.


So... Myth busted


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